Terms of service

  • AcadeMax does not encourage the purchase of academic works and its purpose is academic assistance and advice.
  • AcadeMax declares that the academic materials provided to the customer should not be considered finished academic content or a substitute for independent content written by the customer, and that these content should not be used by the customer in a way that may constitute an offense or an ethical violation.
  • AcadeMax provides academic assistance and consulting services and the contents, as provided as they are, should not be submitted as a work or project as part of academic studies – but to be used as a source of information.
  • The recipient of the service has an obligation to comply with the ethics codes and guidelines of the educational institution where he studies and the work must not be presented as his own.
  • The recipient of the service will receive detailed instructions in writing and thereby confirms all the details in the form and his signature on the regulations.
  • The recipient of the service undertakes not to transfer the work and the contents to a third party (in return / without return)