Final project for Industrial engineers

Every student studying the training courses to obtain an engineer’s certificate or a qualified technician’s certificate is required to submit a final project at the end of his studies at the college. One of the conditions for receiving the certificate is passing the final project defense test. 

Final project for Industrial engineers

The final project will demonstrate, either theoretically or practically, the student’s ability to integrate the topics studied. The project will include: planning, execution, construction, assembly, connections, measurements, tests, etc. of a device, facility, structure, machine, man-machine system, subsystem or system (including analysis of existing systems and/or data) at an adequate level indicating the ability The student to use components, materials, measuring instruments, laboratories, tools and means, standards, specification sheets and manufacturers’ data.

The preparation of the project requires a thorough understanding of the field of study, exact compliance with the requirements of the OT and high-level academic writing, precisely because of this our highly experienced team of writers who advised and assisted in the projects – is ready for any project

We at AcadeMax give an envelope to the student that includes counseling, guidance, and personalized writing assistance.

Help process in the final

  1. Sending project requirements and academic materials
  2. A price quote (advance payment) and the start of the project
  3. Completing the preparation of the project and sending it to the student
  4. availability for assistance and guidance (including project protection)

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