Statistical analysis and consulting

We at AcadeMax specialize in data analysis and statistical consulting for any project or work and in fact for any purpose.

Additional services We research yours, and depending on the defined goal apply the best statistical tools to derive the insights and goals

All this, while maintaining a high academic level according to the convention and the scientific literature that is updated from time to time.

We provide a complete package that provides advice and guidance and provides statistical solutions from long experience and experience – until a concept is fully realized

Our services include

  • Research design or questionnaire.

  • Creating descriptive statistics of the data – measures of center and dispersion, graphs and finding distribution.

  • Adjusting statistical models according to your purpose.

  • Performing statistical analyzes using the most advanced statistical tools and models while adjusting the necessary analyzes to the data, hypotheses and research goals.

  • Writing a results chapter and scientific report.

    Our team consists of statistical consultants with rich experience in research and complex statistical processing so that they can give the most appropriate answer to your requirements.

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