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Final engineering project

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Final project for a bachelor's degree

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Literature review


Yossi Krivizky
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I have nothing to say except that he is simply a champion champion champion! Highly recommend to those who want to get excellent grades in a minimum of time😎
Ehud Oudoul Cappon
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AcadeMax conveys the material in a very clear and professional manner. Emphasis is placed on the person who studies the material and adjusts the assistance to him patiently and pleasantly and this helped me a lot!
Yahav Atias Zechariah
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Very professional, attentive and very thorough at the same time, gives several options for a solution and does not lock in on one. I was very satisfied, I understood everything in a short time!! Highly recommend⭐️
‏‎Ilanit Oriel
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Shahar is one of the most professional statistics teachers I've had! Knows how to explain in the most comprehensible way possible, has very, very high patience, creative thinking, gives very good means and tools. Thanks to him I passed my studies.

AcadeMax was established to meet the need for a supplementary service for students in the academy and from a real mission and to meet the need for academic assistance for the advancement of higher education in Israel.

The company specializes in assistance in writing academic papers as well as in advanced statistical consulting – and all of these in a wide variety of fields.

We have professional content writers with advanced degrees who have extensive experience in extensive academic consulting.

We help students from all higher education institutions in Israel achieve their goals while maintaining quality, professionalism and reliability.

The company’s activity is subject to law and ethics and does not encourage the submission of academic materials that were not written by the student.

Our values


Any project or work required to be carried out, whatever they may be, must be carried out at an adequate academic level and through extensive and appropriate knowledge


All communications with the company are subject to information confidentiality and complete confidentiality


We guarantee that every work we have helped with is completely original, and its content does not appear in any other work.


We at AcadeMax are aware of the trust that each client places in us and we undertake to protect the client, an agreement will be signed between the parties. We undertake to provide the best service and on time - with responsibility!

Common Topics


Descriptive statistics
Inferential statistics
Parametric tests
Non-parametric tests




Capital Market
Return and risk
Venture capital funds


Varied uses of Excel software

industrial engineering

Discreter Simulation
Mathematical Programming
Stochastic models
Deterministic models

Simulation and Arena

Project planning
Static simulation
Discrete simulation in Arena
Complex dynamic models

Operations Management

Forecasting methods
Inventory management methods
Human resource planning

Work Measurement

Engineering methods
Direct time study
Standard time
work sample

Quality Control

Control charts
Process capability indicators Acceptance sample